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About the place: Kokkinos Pyrgos

Kokkinos Pyrgos (i.e. Red Tower, in Greek: Κόκκινος Πύργος) is a small port village (and recently a blooming beach resort) in the south of the Greek island of Crete. It belongs to the municipality of Festos. It is located about 67km west of Heraklion, close to the town of Tymbaki,* between Matala (15 kilometers distance) and Agia Galini (10 kilometers distance). Its name suggests a red clay(?) tower, of which nothing is known. The climate of the region is generally warm (and many times windy!) and many locals grow fresh vegetables in greenhouses.

The harbor of Kokkinos Pyrgos offers docking facilities for sailing and fishing boats. In front of the village, there is a very long sandy beach, which starts here and extends for several kilometers to the southeast, till Kommos. This long beach hosts several loggerhead sea turtles (Carretta carretta) that lay their eggs in the sand during summer. The sea turtles and the nests are protected by several organizations. The beach of Kokkinos Pirgos is open to the west winds. It starts on the east from the wire-fence of the military airport of Tymbaki and runs to the west, till Agia Galini.

The harbor of Kokkinos Pyrgos
The harbor of Kokkinos Pyrgos

The eastern part of the beach, from the port till the airport, is named Katalyki. Katalyki is a well-organized beach with umbrellas and sunbeds. There is a seaside road running along the coast with many cafes and restaurants, making this popular for a breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or just for a coffee or a drink.

The beach of the area stretching west of the harbor is named Kakoscalo or Makrimaliana. This is not organized and is completely remote. It's only you, the sun, and the sand. Perhaps, you may also be impressed by the rock formations which have been sculpted by wind and sea.

*Tymbaki is located a bit inland and is a larger village (thus a town!) with many amenities like supermarkets, shops, banks, etc., and once a week on a Friday there is an open flea market where you can buy local products.

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My destination: Kokkinos Pyrgos, by Eleni Xidaki

This post is actually a short essay written by an adult English Language student of mine, on favourite travel destinations.

Kokkinos Pyrgos is a small village sixty miles way from Heraklion. It belongs to small town, Tympaki of about 5,000 people.

Things to do

If you are on holiday, you can find there a small variety of accommodation units, restaurants and cafes. You can enjoy the sea and the sun. Kokkinos Pyrgos has a beach of over six miles, where you can walk with your dog for instance. You could visit the street market in Tympaki every Friday (or the one in Moires every Saturday); where you can drink the traditional red colour drink "kanellada".

My suggestions

You can visit a lot of nearby attractions and archaeological sites, like the Palace of Phaistos, the famous Minoan city in South Crete, or Gortys, and Agia Triada. You could also visit small traditional villages like Kamilari, Vorroi. And, of course, you should visit Matala the famous coastal village with the famous caves in which hippies lived in the 60s.

Things not to do

Do not throw parties on the beach, because Kokkinos Pyrgos is also a small sanctuary (protected area) for sea turtles.
Do not go swimming when it's windy. There are big waves, a dangerous thing one might not enjoy.

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