Welcome to Perivoli Guest Rooms

Welcome to Perivoli Guest Rooms
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House rules 101



  1. No parties or events. The "Perivoli Guest Rooms" property is set in a really quiet neighborhood with a friendly nearby kiosk! And, let's keep it that way!
  2. No smoking. Smoking is only allowed in the balcony. The ashtray provided is intended for outdoors use only. 
  3. DO NOT rearrange furniture, i.e. the beds. Ιn the luckily event that you do so, please, arrange them again in the way you found them. 
  4. Upon every exit or departure, ask yourself these questions, not necessarily in this order:
    1. Have I turned off the air-condition? 
    2. Have I locked the balcony door? 
    3. Have I switched the lights off? 
  5. Check-out time can be flexible, depending on next guest's arrival time, if any, of course. 
  6. There is a secure luggage drop-off room, which you could take advantage of, if you would like to stay a bit longer in the area.
  7. On your departure, in case we are not around, please, either leave your keys on the door or inside the room. 
  8. On check-out, do not forget to take your receipt / invoice for staying with us. We are officially registered as hospitality providers. Ask us for our registration number!

Perivoli Guest Rooms in Kokkinos Pyrgos, Crete, Greece

These rules apply to all our rooms
Please, respect our property; you would like us to do the same with yours.